Gillette Fusion SkinGuard Sensitive Razor Blades 4st

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Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Men's razor blades are the first Gillette razors with a SkinGuard between the blades to shave your hair and protect your skin.

The unique SkinGuard reduces the contact of the blade with your skin. It presses on your skin and prevents the blades from cutting into your skin. He lifts the blades, as it were, for minimal contact with your skin. Each refill knife has two optimally placed blades that gently shave for a less taut feeling. The lubrication strips before and after the blades ensure minimal friction and protect your skin against irritation.

Benefits and features of the Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Razor Blades:

• Minimal contact of the blades on your skin

• Smooth shave

• Prevents irritation and ingrown hairs

• Reduces a taut feeling during shaving

• Clinically tested for sensitive skin

• Fits all SkinGuard Sensitive and Fusion handles