Philips Sonicare InterCare Opzetborstels 4 Stuks

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For perfect oral hygiene, it is especially important to really brush your teeth thoroughly. The Philips Sonicare InterCare Standard HX9004 / 10 replacement attachments remove up to 7 × more plaque than a classic manual toothbrush and improve gum health in just two weeks.

The extra long and densely placed bristles also remove dirt from hard to reach areas. The BrushSync ™ feature chooses the optimal brushing intensity. The simple use and the automatic warning that the attachment needs to be replaced ensure that you can always provide your teeth and gums with the highest quality care.


> removes plaque up to 7 times more effectively than a regular toothbrush

> also reaches hard-to-reach places and between the teeth

> adapts to the individual shape of the teeth and gums

> reduces the risk of bleeding and gum inflammation

> the sonic pulsations guarantee mildness

> the bristles indicate by color change the need to replace the attachment

> the set-up system makes it very easy to use

Technical specifications:

> Compatible with all Philips Sonicare toothbrushes, except PowerUp Battery and Essence models

> the BrushSync ™ function chooses the appropriate mode and cleaning intensity

> the long, densely placed bristles also remove plaque from between the teeth

> the sonic technology pushes fluid between the teeth, removing plaque

> the brush head indicates the need to be replaced by color change

How to use:

Place the replacement attachment Philips Sonicare InterCare Standard HX9004 / 10 with a simple attachment mechanism on your Philips Sonicare toothbrush. Put toothpaste on it and brush your teeth as usual. After about 3 months, the blue bristles turn white, indicating that the attachment is worn out and needs to be replaced with a new one.